A deep dive into nanocrystals

AIC2023 International School


Software for the hands-on session of the Electron Crystallography school.

Each student should have her/his own laptop.

SIR2019:   You should download at this location: https://www.ba.ic.cnr.it/softwareic/sir/sir2014-download-2/. For the Download you should first register. Please in the registration where you are asked to insert your institution insert “AIC School”. Please, download also the files for lab tests.

SHELX: You have to install the shelx suite that can be download here:  http://shelx.uni-goettingen.de/. After registration at http://shelx.uni-goettingen.de/register.php you will automatically receive username and password for download at http://shelx.uni-goettingen.de/bin/. There are binaries for linux, windows, and mac OS X – that should cover all OS’s. Please also install SHELXLE which is available from https://www.shelxle.org/shelx/eingabe.php

PETS and JANA:   Please follow the instruction here. These are the mandatory installations.

OLEX2 (https://www.olexsys.org/):   We will work on prepared data sets. But if some students have their own data there is a possibility to discuss with the teachers about them.

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For any queries please contact the Organizing Committee at scuolaaic@gmail.com


Grant application deadline: 30th April 2023

Notification of acceptance (grants): 8th May 2023

Registration deadline: 31th May 2023

                                          (extension 7th June 2023)

Payment: 31th May 2023

                  (extension 7th June 2023)