In-Silico Structural Biology

AIC2024 International School

The intricate interplay between biological systems and their environment underscores the importance of deeply understanding how various parameters influence protein structure. Leveraging the predictive power of molecular dynamics alongside emerging artificial intelligence approaches enables us to explore and comprehend these complex dynamics more comprehensively.

Our course offers a broad overview of in silico methods used for the prediction and study of protein structures and properties. During theoretical sessions, participants will gain a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of computational modeling, including the basics of molecular dynamics and artificial intelligence techniques applied to structural biology. Moreover, the course will include sessions related to molecular docking to investigate ligand-protein interaction and molecular dynamics techniques driven by experimental structural data.

Supplementing the theoretical lectures, practical sessions will enhance the learning experience, allowing participants to directly apply acquired knowledge. Through guided simulations and modeling activities, participants will have the opportunity to experiment with advanced tools and software, refining their skills in the analysis and manipulation of protein structures.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be adept at effectively applying both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to a wide range of research areas and biotechnological applications. Whether it’s drug design, protein engineering, or fundamental biological studies, the course equips individuals with the necessary skills to tackle complex challenges in the field of structural biology with confidence and proficiency.


The school will be held in Bari from 28th to 31st October 2024 

and it is organized along with GENe to Structure Group (GENS).

 Programme and more info are available at the web site of the GENS Group

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Registration deadline: 1st July 2024

Payment: 8th July 2024